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By guest, Aug 8 2016 03:12PM

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Oct 18 2017 12:22AM by Pyro Uverse

Hello I'm Very Disappointed In Conlays's power washing if your an older person they will try and scam you out your money l. My grandparents had arrangements way back on August 8th and they kept on delaying and delaying the staining Process for my grandparents deck. It seems like this company is just out to get money and not to stain decks and since my grandparents had to pay money for the stain ahead of time they STILL Kept delaying the process. After my grandparents got fed up with the delaying process they canceled their business with Conlays Power Washing Today October 17th and the Company Told Them To Come All The Way To Farwell Michigan To Pick Up The 7 Cans/Gallons Of Paint And They Are 75 Years old. My Granparents Finally Got Someone who cared about customer service and to do the job of staining the decks and will be out Friday Morning So I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO USE SERVICES FROM CONLAYS' POWEREWASHING.

Jun 27 2019 11:07AM by carolyn wood

conley was paid over 300 in advance to powerwash and stain her deck at 295 wright street in farwell. miss wood is blind and lives alone..conley power washed the deck in 2018 and has refused to answer her calls to finish the job and its halfway thru this someone you want to do business with??? I was asked to write this as her friend being she doesn't have a computer

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